Riven yorkstone paving patio
Patio built with riven yorkstone paving
Riven yorkstone paving garden path
Riven yorkstone garden footpath
Riven yorkstone paving footpath
Riven yorkstone footpath
Riven yorkstone paving patio
Riven yorkstone paving patio
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Riven Yorkstone Paving

London Stone Paving Supply Riven Yorkstone Paving in London and around the UK

Riven yorkstone paving is a hard-wearing and attractive paving stone with a natural rough surface. Riven paving made from Yorkshire stone is a familiar part of the national heritage. Wherever you go in Britain you are likely to walk on paving stones made from riven Yorkshire stone.

Stone paving for home and garden

Riven yorkstone paving is used outdoors for pavements and patio paving stones and indoors as natural stone flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. It is also ideal as garden flagstones and for garden features like patio stone circles. Our riven paving stones range in colour from brown to orange to sandy yellow and greys.

Traditional skills

Riven yorkstone paving has a naturally rough surface because it is hand split, or 'riven' from large sandstone blocks. The work is carried out by stone cutters known as 'delvers' who use traditional skills to create the yorkstone flags which have been used for centuries.

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